Additive and subtractive manufacturing testbed

Feb 01 2018 Posted: 16:04 GMT

An additive and subtractive manufacturing testbed for creating next generation electrically, optically and thermally activated biomaterials is awarded to NCLA, NUI Galway.

The manufacturing test-bed will demonstrate the manufacturability of new technologies at the interface of printed electronics and bioprinting. The system consists of three connected sealed modules. A laser based micro-structuring module will create structured surfaces for microfluidics and embedded electronics. A dry materials additive module will use inkjet and spray tools to create structured conductive/ non-conductive surfaces. A wet bioprinting module will apply living cells and other life-supporting biomaterials. The ability to integrate electronic, optical, and thermal stimuli in flexible medical devices will be transformative –changing the way we connect with, and use, future healthcare products. The system is funded by Science Foundation Ireland under the infrastructures programme 2016 16/RI/3761. The system will be on line in June 2018.

Pilot Line Schematic


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 For more information: Dr. Gerard O’Connor