AtlanticKETMed Project Launch

Jan 01 2018 Posted: 16:04 GMT

NCLA at NUI Galway are delighted to announce a new project, AtlanticKETMED, beginning January 2018, that will assist SMEs throughout the Atlantic area gain access to the Medical Device sector who are using Key Enabling Technologies.
The project will establish a transnational advanced pilot manufacturing ecosystem for future biomedical products with support from the European Regional Development fund under the cross border interregional programme for the Atlantic Area under contract EAPA_384/2016

AtlanticKETMED is a transnational consortium of industry and technology experts who will work closely with regional and international partners to provide key technological and enterprise supports aimed at fostering the next generation of technology-enabled medical devices.
Working with partners Bionow(Manchester), Atlanpole Biotherapies (Nantes), Alphanov (Bordeaux), Foundation Ramon Dominguez (Santiago de Compostela), and INL (Braga), the project will engage closely with SMEs from the partner regions to support tech and business development. The partnership will also implement a transnational ’Eco System’ of technology providers and process experts capable of taking ideas from the conception stage to a marketable product.

AtlanticKETMed map
Partners and recruited SMEs & micro-enterprises will learn best practice in innovation and competition through the implementation of audits and analyses of technical value chains, respectively. Audits will inform transnational partnerships and which inter-regional innovation capacity is to be developed. Differentiated value chains will determine sustainable competitiveness for enterprises. Gaps in value chains will determine priority for development of innovation capacities. New training and expertise in KETs, Industrie4.0, and Scalable Innovation, facilitated by three workshops, will underpin use of transnational pilot system components. Access procedures for 25 separate processes in the pilot ecosystem will be developed. 5 case studies will demonstrate opportunities for pilot manufacturing ecosystem. Results will be disseminated to 1000+ persons.
Individual SME supports will include: Innovation Audits, Value Chain Analysis, Trainings, and Case Studies aiming to assist bringing a product to market.

For more information or to enquire on how to participate please contact Dr. Ian McCabe