Laser Safety in the Workplace (1 Day Course)


Next Course Date:  Tuesday, December 18th, 2018
Location: AS203, NUI Galway


Who should attend this course?

The course is aimed at personnel who use lasers, or are responsible for the safe use of lasers, in their workplace.  It is of particular relevance to laser safety officers, engineers, and technicians that use lasers for manufacturing.


Why should you attend this course?

Lasers are powerful tools that are potentially very hazardous.  Legislation places a responsibility on both employers and employees to ensure the safe use of laser equipment in the workplace or laboratory at all times.  The Irish and European laser safety standard, IS EN 60825, outlines best practice in industrial laser use.  All who work on lasers, or have responsibility for laser safety, must be aware of the relevant laser hazards and the risk of injury that can arise from laser use, and must understand the appropriate measures (administrative, engineering and personal) for hazard control.  Trainees on this course learn about the hazards associated with the use of lasers, how the risk can be controlled and reduced, and what their responsibilities are in maintaining a safer workplace.  There is also opportunity for attendees to discuss specific concerns during the course.



This course is a one-day training programme running from 9am to 4pm and covers the following topics:

  • Background to laser technology
  • Hazards of laser radiation
  • Laser safety standards
  • Implementation of laser safety control measures
  • Risk assessment
  • Information sources
  • Tour of NCLA laser facilities to view safety measures

Booking Information

Places can be booked through the NCLA at 091 493595 or Course notes, refreshments and lunch are included in the course fee.

Courses can be scheduled if requested by at least 12 attendees.

On-site company-specific safety courses can be developed for larger companies with an ongoing requirement for laser safety training.



This course is held at the NCLA, which is located in the School of Physics at the National University of Ireland, Galway.


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